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Head Liner - Washable Helmet Liner

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Motorcycle Helmet Head Liner is Micro DOT's most advanced helmet liner, designed for simple installation, removal, and replacement. The revolutionary lightweight system uses a unique bi-layer material and an easily adjustable design for the ultimate fit and comfort even during extended rides or in extreme climates.

The head Liner achieves 50% more heat transfer and moisture absorption than similar products. 


  • Specifically designed for simple field installation and use in all Micro DOT helmets.

  • Minimizes the problems of heat build-up, liner "roll," and "creep" inside helmets.

  • Available in two sizes to secure a proper fit (S-M) and (L-XL)

  • Fully hand washable.

  • Easily custom-fitted to head before placing in the helmet, maximizing individual comfort.

  • Do not become hard in cold climates or too soft in hot climates.

  • The unique design offers nearly 50% greater heat transfer resulting in cooler and more comfortable wear.


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