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MicroAIR Seat Covers


The Micro Air Seat Cover is a 3-D  net designed in a mesh, honeycomb structure that covers your seat, allowing the wind to blow between your butt and your bike keeping both high and dry

The Micro Air Seat Cover creates a barrier between you and your bike, preventing heat and moisture from accumulating between your jeans and your bike. Wetness leads to bacterial growth. When this bacteria remains soaked against your skin it can eventually work its' way into your pores. And this is when the itching, rash, pain and suffering begins. 

Solution?  Continue Flow of Air Better known as our Micro•AIR Seat Cover

Why You Should Never Get a Seat Covers Made in Memory Foam or Gels?


The Memory foam changes its density due to temperature changes. It hardens up like a rock when it is cold. If riding in Texas summer, the Memory Foam softens like butter and flattens like riding on cardboard.

If made in gel, the gel bubbles up in hot weather, ruining your seat; and during cold weather is freezes and hardens like ice. Neither of these is what you want when riding your motorcycle.

One of the great benefits of using a Micro Air Seat cover is the weight. No one ever wants to add more weight to their bike, so a 3-D Net is a perfect accessory to support your body in all weather conditions.

Micro Air seat cover fits on motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs

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